P3Steel v2.0 Frame .stl
October 07, 2016 09:59AM

my name is Lukas and I just started 3D printing,
I already got my first prints ready and want to improve/change some parts of the printer.

To do so, it would be a great help if i had some cad files of the frame, so i can simulate any new parts,
but I only found some drawings and it looks like a lot of work to turn them into a 3D assembly.

It seems that the P3Steel is more commonly used, so I was wondering if somebody already did the work and can probably send me an .stl file of the assembled frame?

Thank you very much,

Re: P3Steel v2.0 Frame .stl
October 11, 2016 07:13AM
stl is not really a cad format and isn't used as such.. its not really editable

dwg is a real cad file PRUSA_i3_steel_3mm_lasercut_2.01d_irobri.dwg

But your going to need a 'real' cad package to use it

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