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Ultimaker,Zortrax XY questions and rods quality.

Posted by laurentis 
Ultimaker,Zortrax XY questions and rods quality.
May 11, 2017 06:32AM
Hello I'm eyeing a build with ultimaker's gantry and also the dual smooth rods version from zortrax . I'll make a modular build to easily swap out just 2 8mm (ultimaker like) rods or 4 6mm (zortrax like), this is more a project for curiosity rather than one final build. My question is why is this kind of system not so common, I could find only hackerbot on reprap wiki, and are the kinematics patented or restrictions on such a build?

Also are chromed rods a better option than standard ones? The shop where I can buy 3d printing parts has some knock-offs so I doubt the quality of their smooth rods, there is also a place with specific parts for industrial projects and they have a bigger platter for me to pick from.

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Re: Ultimaker,Zortrax XY questions and rods quality.
August 02, 2017 07:06AM

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