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extruders run differently with same configurations

Posted by cthsieh 
extruders run differently with same configurations
July 05, 2017 10:18PM
Dear All,
Recently, I am working on building a delta printer which has a nozzle associated with two extruders.
It means the machine can allow one nozzle to extrude two different filaments.
The hardware has been installed well, but there are a lot of unexpected errors during configuring the marlin for the machine.
The attachment is the configuration.
The marlin passed the compiling.
the machine does work, but not correctly.
My machine has two same models of extruders.
I configured them by same parameters.
Unfortunately, They works differently when I tested them by Repetier-host.
I sent the command to ask them to extrude 100 mm filament.
the extruder 1 is OK, but extruder 2 always extrude more filament and run faster.
They were configured by same values and parameters. I don't know why they run differently.
I tried to switch the hardware of extruders to check if the extruders are different, but the result shows that the extruders are same.
Can anyone can explain this strange event? Thank you.
The attachment is my configuration.
open | download - Configuration.h (63.1 KB)
Re: extruders run differently with same configurations
July 06, 2017 01:33AM
What controll board are you using? I'm too lazy to open you confing.h to find out.

If its one where you can swap the stepper drivers, swap the drivers for the two extrudes. Does the issue stay with the same motor or does it move to the other one. If it changes then its more than likely the the current on the two stepper drivers is set differently, you a volt meter and adjust the currents. If the problem stays with the same motor then it might be something in the firmware but could also be the motor its self, just because the sticker is the same does not mean the will behave the same.

If you cant swap the stepper drivers, try swapping the motor connection, and follow the advice above
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