Bondtech vs E3D Titan extruder - extreme torture test.
May 11, 2018 02:32PM
This was an extreme torture test for what is a fairly unusual usage situation.

Anyone who is using a mixing hot end such as the Diamond, will know that it is necessary to retract all filaments concurrently, even when only a single filament is being used to print. If one or more filaments does not move forward because they will only come into play later in the print, this can lead to the same piece of filament being retracted and un-retracted thousands of times. This of course leads to all sorts of problems, not least of which is that the hobbed bolt can wear completely through the filament. In this respect, the Bondtech BMG was found to work far better than the E3D Titan - much better than I had anticipated.

If anyone is interested, see my blog post here for a full explanation and to view the test and the results []

Hope this information may be of help.

Full disclosure. The 5 E3D Titans that I currently use were all paid for. The Bondtech BMG was supplied FOC as an evaluation unit but if I want to buy 5 for my printer, then I will have to pay for them (although some discount may be forthcoming). Other than that, I have no affiliation with any company, nor do I make any money from 3D printing, my blog, or my YouTube channel. I just try to help others if I can by documenting my findings. Any opinions expressed in my blog are my own and should not be construed as recommendations or otherwise.

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