problem with trianglelab Bowden Extruder BMG extruder Cloned Btech Dual Drive Extruder
February 11, 2019 09:29AM
Hi all, i have an anycubic kossel plus from about 1 year.
Aftyer some mod (dual material fro example) i think to have a poor extrusion system so i get this product:
trianglelab Bowden Extruder BMG extruder Cloned Btech Dual Drive Extruder


The component seem not bad (the gear i not like it.. i'm not sure about..) and work well, now my extrusion is very very better but i have an issue about speed, i cannot make a speed more than 60/70 mm/s on material. After that speed motor got block (materiale is not jammed). Is eought for nromal print but not enought for retraction in a delta with long bowden tube....

The step/mm is 415 (as say bondetch) and estrusion lenght is correct.
The motor is the stock anycubic motor, and i think is working well, never issued in this year...
The support from trianglelab is poot and now after 15 day they not answer anymore. (bad bad.....)

Did anyone have some extruder ? can he make more speed than me ?

I have the authentic Bondtech as well as the trianglelab. The Bondtech can print as fast as I want (up to 150mm/s so far) with no issues on my delta with a 600mm bowden.
When I received the trianglelab cloned unit I had the same issue as you - could only print very slow speeds. To even reach 40mm/s without grinding the filament I had to drop jerk below 600 (from 2100mm/m) and acceleration to 600 (from 2400mm/m).

After carefully comparing both extruders I found that the filament hole on the trianglelab unit was drilled too close to the filament gear so that the filament had to bend around the gear as it moved through the extruder. This caused a lot of friction from the gear pushing the filament against the edge of the filament holes on either side of the gear. I tried to explain this to trianglelab with video and pics. They first tried to ignore me and then they refused to admit any responsibility and blamed me. They even admitted their production method is inferior. From their reply to my message:

Hello there. We just do the cloning of the extruder as much as possible. But because we are mold production. Can't do BOUNDTECH's 3D printing effect. So your request is too high. Beyond our range of capabilities.

After it was clear there would be no support or return/refund from them I resorted to drilling out the filament hole in small steps until I could easily move the filament back and forth manually. I had to drill the hole out to 2.5mm diameter. My concern now is using flexible filament with the hole 25% larger than spec. I guess that's the cost of saving about $55. Personally, I'd rather save the time and frustration of debugging printing problems than save a few bucks.


I think short of radically restricting the jerk and acceleration settings for the extruder, you might try drilling out the filament hole (in as small changes as you can) till the filament can be moved easily back and forth the the assembled extruder. Obviously, verify that this is your problem before you start drilling anything ... winking smiley
I was wondering if the clones where better or worse as they are injection molded, wondering if the DotBit is a cloned Triangle Labs? Also wondering how do these things cope with pressure buildup? those occasional stepper noises when printing over a warped corner?
I seem to have the same issue and I've had a similar experience with their support sad smiley
For me, the symptoms are extruder motor skipping unless I turn the feed rate to very low. When I switched from pancake to full sized motor the gears would skip.

It would help if you would post some photos of the original and the TriangleLab clone. Even the ones you sent to TL support would helpful.
I've attached mine with the gears engaged.

What about changing the drive gears to deeper cut ones?
open | download - DSC02112-2_resize.jpg (241.2 KB)
Hi all,

Do you think I have same problem with Trianglelab BMG extruder?

open | download - IMG_2635.jpeg (554.2 KB)
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