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Z-stepper motor location?

Posted by Rewas 
Z-stepper motor location?
July 03, 2019 10:24AM
Hello folks. I have an Ender 3 to which I've added a second Z-axis lead screw with the two lead screws coupled together at the top with a 6mm GT2 belt across the top ends, driven by the Z-stepper at the bottom end of the original Z-axis lead screw. I would like to decouple the lead screw from the stepper and I'm considering two options:

1) Slide the motor over, add a bearing support to the bottom of the lead screw, and connect the motor to it with a belt loop and pulleys.

2) Place the motor in the center of the top horizontal beam and loop the existing belt around the motor pulley, using idlers as required.

Intuitively I would think that having the motor at the top would provide a more direct and equal connection to the two lead screws, but I've learned my intuition is frequently wrong. What do you folks think?
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