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Y-motors Inverted

Posted by bbcbggr54 
Y-motors Inverted
September 22, 2019 12:42AM
just wondering why most printerspush the bed up from the bootom as to the inverse hang the bed off the motor on top? all stats say it is better to hang the bed motor on top. So why is it strucural stability on top not able to hold the loads or make it too top heavy? These were my only conclusion. What do you guys think
Re: Y-motors Inverted
September 22, 2019 09:54AM
I wonder about that sometimes as well. For my DuoCube i use axial bearings at the top to hang the rods, then radial bearings at the bottom where i use a belt to drive both rods using one motor. That way the load is stretching the rods, not compressing, and i have the motor on the bottom. Since i use an enclosure i wanted the motors to be as low as possible.

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