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McWire 3/4" pipe frame sizing

Posted by johnnyz 
McWire 3/4" pipe frame sizing
January 19, 2008 05:35PM

Well after reading about the reprap project and seeing the Make project for the McWire type design I decided to dive in and see how far I could get. This is all pretty new for me but sounds like a blast. I'm just starting... purchased the pipe and connectors from Home Depot.

I have a couple questions concerning the sizing of the pipe. Particularly, with the 1.2 instructions showing using the 9" pipe for vertical section and a 6" coming out from the flange. It looks a bit short this way Is there any reason not to go with a 12" piece for the vertical section?

Also in the 1.2 design what is the purpose for coming 6" out for the flange. How would it affect the design to only come out 4" I see that earlier versions are very short for the flange.

I hope the questions made sense. What a cool project!

Re: McWire 3/4" pipe frame sizing
January 20, 2008 06:27PM
Hi johnnyz,

It's all about alignment. The 9" pip could be made twelve inches--I have mine at twelve--but you need to adjust other stuff to fit. Mainly the z-stage needs enough travel to get the extruder all the way down to the y-stage table. There is a good reason to go up in size, yes. You get more build volume. Don't go crazy as things will get flimsy after a while but twelve inches, in my experience, is reasonable.

The 6" out from the flange is also about aligning the extruder with relation to the y-stage. I don't know as much about it because my design is fairly different but I would suggest sticking with the standard as that one could be fairly hard to adjust.

Re: McWire 3/4" pipe frame sizing
January 21, 2008 06:56PM
Hey Guys,

The pipe lengths are a bit hazy right now. They were just rough guesses, and there is a good chance they will change as I optimize them to exactly what they need to be to get the best machine.

For example: the sizes of the X-axis pipes needs to change since I have real measurements on the X rails now. Sorry about that.
Anonymous User
Re: McWire 3/4" pipe frame sizing
March 01, 2008 04:20PM

I'm currently working with the old pipe sizes (12'', 9'', and 6'') - are these now incompatible with the McWire 1.2 design?

All I should need to switch would be the 3 inch length if I'm reading you correctly. (I could swap the 6 in for the 9in, and use one of the 9in for the z axis...right?)

FYI, for what I'm doing, I don't need a lot of height on the z-axis, I would rather have better control on the x and y --- I just need to know if the directions I'm following will still work or not.

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