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McWire Lasercut Preorder

Posted by ZachHoeken 
McWire Lasercut Preorder
February 12, 2008 12:46PM
A bunch of people have expressed interest in buying the lasercut parts for a McWire Cartesian Bot. Unfortunately, the RRRF is severely under capitalized. Right now all the money is in various things like PCBs, plastic, extruder stuff, etc.

So, I'm wondering if people would be interested in doing a preorder of McWire parts. Basically, I put something up on the store, if we get 8+ preorders, then I do an order of the McWire parts, otherwise I refund all the preorders.

What do you guys think? Cost will probably be around $125 for a full set of precision laser cut parts. Color will be RepRap green =)
Re: McWire Lasercut Preorder
February 14, 2008 01:21PM
Im in!winking smiley

Count me with two sets maybe three (I need to ask for my friend if he is still interested in it).

So 2 is for sure and maybe 3.

Oh, and while im at it, can I ask what else do you need to finish in this page?:

So what is still missing there?

(Credit card, and Im located in Hungary (European Union)).

Re: McWire Lasercut Preorder
February 14, 2008 01:30PM
Hey Khiraly,

Yeah, this darn Arduino bug has kept me from working on that page. I'll try and finish that up in the next week or so. It would absolutely, positively be finished by the time the lasercut parts were shipped out.
Re: McWire Lasercut Preorder
February 16, 2008 03:24PM
I'd pre-order one.
Re: McWire Lasercut Preorder
February 19, 2008 11:48AM
I'm in for one as well.
Re: McWire Lasercut Preorder
February 19, 2008 02:22PM
Anyone in the London area can call into the lab and get the lasercutting free (go get yer own acrylic). Im in MAGICbox, SMARTlab, UEL, E16 2RD with a laser to play with in an open access lab. We have a plywood-based rep-rap too. Before you ask, I'm already posting rep-rap stuff abroad, so I'll get that out of the way before I offer that service.

Toby Borland (tobyATsmartlab.uk.com)
Re: McWire Lasercut Preorder
February 20, 2008 01:20PM
Hey Guys,

Okay, so the preorder product is up on the store, located here: [store.rrrf.org]

Please pre-order, because if there aren't enough orders, I'll have to refund them or something :-/
Re: McWire Lasercut Preorder
June 03, 2008 12:08PM
I would order one set too, if I wasn't so scared of the shipping costs to Germany... can you tell me anything about that?
Re: McWire Lasercut Preorder
June 03, 2008 02:15PM
... maybe Ian with 'BitsfromBytes' can serve as european link?

Re: McWire Lasercut Preorder
June 03, 2008 04:05PM
its much cheaper to ship directly from the USA to a person, rather than pay large freight + individual freights. plus, ian would be better off finding a local supplier. that being said, i would sell him ABS if he wants it (or point him to my supplier)

as far as shipping costs, i believe overseas its something like $45-$50 for ABS. its flat rate, so any other things such as electronic kits, etc are basically 'free'. if you're interested in buying stuff from the RRRF, its best to get it all in one go.

of course, the shopping cart will tell you the shipping costs before you check out, so you can always back out if its too expensive.

finally, if shipping costs are too outrageous, it is possible to send things via First Class mail, which is slightly cheaper (perhaps $20-$30 for ABS?) if thats something you'd like, add a note to your order, and email me after you place it. i can then refund the difference back to you.
Re: McWire Lasercut Preorder
June 04, 2008 07:10AM
Hi Zach

I'm trying to establish what the equivalent costs would be to have the pieces cut locally (in NZ)
One thing I cant seem to find on the wiki page [www.reprap.org] is the (minimum) thickness of the acrylic


Found the answer at the bottom of this thread: [forums.reprap.org]

"most of the pieces should be 1/4" thick. there is one piece that should be 1/2" thick which is the 'vertical base' part."

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