Conductive paint extrusion
January 18, 2012 01:26AM
Has anyone thought of using conductive paint to create circuits? This is the same stuff they use to bronze baby shoes, chrome coat plastics and to make those heating elements on window defrosters.
Re: Conductive paint extrusion
January 18, 2012 03:07AM
... yes, here and there ... read through the serach result with filter set to "all dates": []

Aufruf zum Projekt "Müll-freie Meere" - [] -- Deutsche Facebook-Gruppe - []

Call for the project "garbage-free seas" - []
Re: Conductive paint extrusion
November 22, 2013 05:18AM
There's a kickstarter for a circuit drawing conductive ink pen going on : []

I'm probably not alone in planning to try sticking one to my reprap head to plot some test circuits.

They claim they can also make some ink designed for inkjet... That combined with something like the inkshield sounds very interesting.

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Most of my technical comments should be correct, but is THIS one ?
Anyway, as a rule of thumb, always double check what people write.
Re: Conductive paint extrusion
May 18, 2014 01:26PM
Just for posterity, rabbitproto is creating a nozzle using a 10ml syringe to print out conductive paint from "bare conductive"

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