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Marlin and Ramps 1.2

Posted by bdcannon 
Marlin and Ramps 1.2
December 02, 2011 12:58AM
Hey Everyone,

I was just wondering if anybody has had any lick with Marlin and Ramps 1.2. I'm trying it and running into some issues. For example, the temperature readings seems to be some arbitrary analog reads that don't seem to change. I can get the hot end to head up and steppers to move, but I can't get the fan to turn on. So I'm thinking the pins are wrong, I did select 3 for define board in the configuration though...

I'll keep playing with it.

Never mind me... I figured it out.

Stay calm out there.


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Re: Marlin and Ramps 1.2
December 02, 2011 04:13AM
Would you care explaining your solution ? It may help others if they have the same problem one day.
Re: Marlin and Ramps 1.2
October 04, 2015 10:52AM
4 years later I found this topic when i had the same problem as the poster. The lesson to be learned is to post your solutions when you find them yourself.
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