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Marlin and Auto PID - S, T & F values

Posted by Flackster 
Marlin and Auto PID - S, T & F values
September 24, 2012 12:46PM

I'd like to use the auto PID temperature setting, as described here: [www.reprap.org]. I've copied the relevant text below:

If your gcode contains a wide spread of extruder velocities, or you realtime change the building speed, the temperature should be changed accordingly. Usually, higher speed requires higher temperature. This can now be performed by the AutoTemp function By calling M109 S T F you enter the autotemp mode.
You can leave it by calling M109 without any F. If active, the maximal extruder stepper rate of all buffered moves will be calculated, and named "maxerate" [steps/sec]. The wanted temperature then will be set to t=tempmin+factor*maxerate, while being limited between tempmin and tempmax. If the target temperature is set manually or by gcode to a value less then tempmin, it will be kept without change. Ideally, your gcode can be completely free of temperature controls, apart from a M109 S T F in the start.gcode, and a M109 S0 in the end.gcode.

How do I know what are the S, T & F values?
T is probably my target temperature???


Re: Marlin and Auto PID - S, T & F values
September 27, 2012 05:44AM
Your slicer set's those.
Or perhaps it uses the slightly newer M104/M116 combination, or even G10. Never the less, this is indeed the target temperature setting.
Re: Marlin and Auto PID - S, T & F values
October 23, 2012 02:56AM
"AutoTemp" and "Auto PID" are two completely different things.

AutoTemp increases the target temperature to attempt to compensate for fact that the filament is passing through the extruder so fast it doesn't reach the temperature of the extruder.

Auto PID tunes the PID values to ensure that the temperature reaches the target in a timely manner and doesn't oscillate.

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