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Arduino Mega 2560 / Own Electronics / Sprinter

Posted by avayan 
Arduino Mega 2560 / Own Electronics / Sprinter
October 19, 2012 10:51AM
Hi Group,

I am trying to get my very first 3D printer going. It is of my own breed, so there is nothing to relate it to. I guess that will make it harder.

Anyway, I have an Arduino Mega 2560 and uploaded Sprinter with Mother Board option 33 (Arduino Mega with RAMPS)

The driver board is also of my own design as I wanted to use DRV8825's. However, I followed the pinout for the RAMPs design.

When I start Replicator G and I go to the manual control tab, I can hear the motors coming up but they don't move. Also, the wrong motor is getting enabled. I am thinking the pinout may be wrong so I will check that next. If it is wrong, where would I change this on Sprinter? It is definitely not in Configuration.h.

Any other pointer will be welcome!
Re: Arduino Mega 2560 / Own Electronics / Sprinter
October 19, 2012 12:47PM
I'm new, too, so consider this just a suggestion, but you might want to look at pins.h
Re: Arduino Mega 2560 / Own Electronics / Sprinter
October 19, 2012 03:15PM
OK, I checked my electronics and they are perfectly fine. I can enable/disable, change direction and step the four steppers if I apply the signals externally. As soon as I plug the Arduino Mega 2560, then none of the steppers work.

Thanks for the pointer to look at pins.h. I am puzzled by the pin numbering scheme and am trying to understand it but cannot find any reference to it. For example, here is a piece of code:

#define X_STEP_PIN 54
#define X_DIR_PIN 55
#define X_ENABLE_PIN 38
#define X_MIN_PIN 3

I imagine this is a decimal number and that 54 is the pin that will be cleared/set with the digitalwrite() function. I am not an Arduino guy, so it took me a while this has to do with a number assigned to the resource in the pin mapping as shown in [arduino.cc]. If so, I also must assume Analog Pin 0 is the same as pin #54. With those assumptions, the signals should be correct.

I am going to try and print something to see if the motors move while printing because with the test window, it is all chaos. Find it hard to believe there is a bug there, but why not?
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