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Marlin and Multi Extruder Steps per Unit

Posted by spaceman 
Marlin and Multi Extruder Steps per Unit
May 25, 2013 04:37PM
Can anyone say with certainty whether, on a multi extruder FDM different SPU (steps per unit) can be set to each extruder. I have tried to find answers anywhere I could but only found Muli Extruder Estep with no real response. I have to turned on Multi extruders in configuration_adv.h under Mechanical Settings. In Configuration.h I put in my SPU for X,Y,Z,E. But thru testing I'm certain that putting multiple E settings has no bearing on my second extruder. So, if I put (200,200,1000,180) and calibrate either of the extruders on a dual extruder, I get the same result as putting in (200,200,1000,180,400). The second extruder never tries to use the 400 setting. But if I change (200,200,1000,180) to (200,200,1000,400) both extruders put out too much plastic, confirming that both extruders are using only the last series of numbers.

I know I've kind of answered my own question but I was hoping that the author or a contributor to the Marlin firmware could respond. If the answer is indeed that it can't be done, is it unreasonable to ask for this as a feature? Given the surge in printer tech and variations of the last several months, surely I'm not the only one experiencing this issue, am I?
Re: Marlin and Multi Extruder Steps per Unit
January 16, 2014 12:23PM
No, you can't do this within Marlin. Looks like it's best done within your slicing software:

Re: Marlin and Multi Extruder Steps per Unit
January 16, 2014 04:53PM
Yes - this is an issue. I brought it up a few weeks ago. I think right now the only way to deal with it is with the extrusion multiplier in your slicer, but there is no way to compute it - you just have to zero in on it through trial and error
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