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Azteeg X3, Viki LCD and Repetier FW

Posted by Johnnymoto 
Azteeg X3, Viki LCD and Repetier FW
December 03, 2013 04:37PM
Hello reprapers,

The plan was to print without using the PC, so i needed a controller board with SD Card option or a LCD with a SD Card slot in it. I choose for the Azteeg X3 with the Viki display (both from Panucatt.com).
I choose this combination because the Azteeg and the Viki are solid products with high quality. Monday 2 November got the package from Panucatt with al the parts. Updated the Repetier firmware for the Azteeg X3 and the Viki display, and also de soldered the jumper at the back of the X3. Wired everything up according to the schematics, and started testing.

Now I have a problem, in the viki it's not possible to open the folder of the SD card. So I cannot print the files from the SD card.
After some research on the internet I came across different posts (Google groups) from people who has the same problem. Only no one has a descend solution for it with Repetier firmware.

My SD card is a 2GB ''FAT-32 format''

So I hoped some genius here could solve this problem. A lot of people would be thankful!

I attached my Firmware here below.


open | download - Repetier.zip (213.7 KB)
Re: Azteeg X3, Viki LCD and Repetier FW
December 03, 2013 11:27PM
I managed to get it to work and have it running on one of my printers.
See this thread for the discussion and procedure: Azteeg thread


Richmond, New Zealand
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Re: Azteeg X3, Viki LCD and Repetier FW
December 04, 2013 03:15AM
Thanks for the reply!

In your thread I saw this post:

''and I just received and email from Jim the Wolfman who penned the Viki mod to Repetier and who says this:
in Configuration.h...
#define SDSUPPORT true
//#define SDCARDDETECT -1 (Comment the SDCARDDETECT line out).

In pins.h under the enabled ramps settings...
#define SDSS 53

The latter should be right as long as you have the jumper removed.
I think it is only config.h and pins.h (and maybe ui.h) that I have been fooling with, but I will post the files somewhere when I have it.''

The only problem is I cant find the line #define SDCARDDETECT -1 in configuration.H I have got the latest marlin version from Github.

No solution yet for the Repetier FW.....


Re: Azteeg X3, Viki LCD and Repetier FW
December 05, 2013 10:01AM
Yesterday I recived Wired1 his marlin firmware for testing. This works perfect!
This weekend wiring everything up and do the first test prints with this new set up!
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