Z axis dual motor troubleshooting
April 02, 2014 07:11PM
Hello Reprap

I am running a PRUSA Mendel I2 through Repetier-Host Mac 0.56. I have flashed the Arduino Mega 2560 with the latest Repetier firmware off their website. I have control of the x and y axis, the hot bed and the extruder temps as well as being able to expel filament when the temp is right. I can hear the z axis motors receive signal and try to move but nothing but noise comes from the motor until I stop the motor. That occurs even when I have only hit the +1 button, it just runs infinitely. I have adjusted the pot through the full range and the motors never turn. I hooked each of the z axis motors to the y axis pins and they worked as expected. This leads me to believe that I have some configuration wrong where I am not being able to send the appropriate signals to the motors through the Z pins. Can anyone offer any guidance?


Re: Z axis dual motor troubleshooting
May 28, 2014 01:21PM
Check whether the pins for the Z-axis motor have been correctly configured in the firmware. If this is correct then check the current limiting on the Z-axis stepper driver.
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