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Yaxis homing change

Posted by barkerboy 
Yaxis homing change
May 29, 2014 09:18AM
Hi all

I've got an ormerod that I've just updated the firmware on. I went from 57a-16-01-214 to 065e-13-05-214.

It appears that the y axis homing sequence has changed. The bed used to (with 57a) move all the way to the end stop, such that the hot end was at its highest y axis, then move such that the hot end ended at y axis =0.

Now all it does is move the bed such that the hot end is decreasing in y axis value until it reaches its limit and then sits there and runs loudly as the motor attempts to push the bed through the end of the printer bracket.

I've checked the two homey.g files and they appear to be exactly the same.

Has anyone else noticed a change in the y axis homing?

cheers Tom
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