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Setting Up CoreXY on Marlin

Posted by Jeepguy42 
Setting Up CoreXY on Marlin
October 08, 2014 03:17PM
I've designed and am in the process of building an upgrade to a 3D printer I've had for almost a year now. The new printer design will be using a CoreXY setup. I'm about to the point where I'll need to update the firmware to run CoreXY settings. Is activating/turning on the CoreXY functionality for the latest version of Marlin as easy as just removing the two "//" from the configuration.h file infrom of the CoreXY

// Uncomment the following line to enable CoreXY kinematics
// #define COREXY

I want to make sure I'm looking at everything I need to to get it working properly and only have limited knowledge of the marlin firmware

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