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Marlin v1 - Printrboard Rev.D SD print issues.

Posted by blt3dp 
Marlin v1 - Printrboard Rev.D SD print issues.
November 12, 2014 01:02PM
Hi, I wasn't quite sure where to put this. I've got a Printrboard that I've flashed with the latest Marlin.

I know there's a known issue with the pins.h where the Y Endstop pin conflicts with the SD Card. I've moved the Y endstop and updated the pins as described here.


I also have added a section in the Printrboard section of pins.h to define a pin for a servo

#define SERVO0_PIN 11

Course I have SD Support enabled as well as Servo and Auto Bed Leveling
Everything works fine, except printing from SD Card

I've got a 1Gb Micro SD card, formatted as FAT

I've put a file on it named home.gco which contains only one line

I go into Repetier Host's SD card menu, it mounts the SD Card fine, and I can see the file there
I tell it to print that file and it says successful, but the printer does nothing

In Repetier's log the final line reads:
enqueueing "M84 X Y Z E"

Anyone have any ideas?
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