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auto bed leveling servo issue in marlin

Posted by ottist 
auto bed leveling servo issue in marlin
December 25, 2014 08:13AM

I use marlin firmware and I have a small problem with servo positioning.
The auto bed leveling function works fine but the rc servo does not position to the same angle between probes.
I use 4 measuring points, the servo arm sometimes moves to the verical position (as intended) but sometimes turns more/less and I have to correct it by hand.
Unfortunately it is random.

Any idea??
Re: auto bed leveling servo issue in marlin
December 31, 2014 04:49PM
I had problems like this until I isolated my servo wires. I'm using a PC power supply and noticed that I would get issues like this if anything else (fans, lights, anything) were plugged into the power supply. Then I made a little board where I placed a .01uF ceramic capacitor between the signal line and ground, as well as a 4.70uF electrolytic capacitor between the 5v and ground. My jitters and inconsistent servo control went away. Perfect deployment every time, and I can keep anything I want plugged into the power supply, so I have lights and a fan there also. You might check into something similar if you havent.

Edit: Oh, and if you've extended the wires for the servo like I did, I put my little board right at the end of the original servo wires.

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