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RepG firmware and 5D

Posted by FrankNeon 
RepG firmware and 5D
May 23, 2010 01:31AM
I originally started with RepG firmware for the motherboard v1.2, and similar for the extruder controller, which has given me a couple headaches when incorporating a stepper motor for a Wade's NEMA 17 Extruder. Now that I've gained his feedrate settings from the wiki, I realize that I really want to go for the 5D firmware and the Reprap host software for my toolchain. The only problem is that the motherboard won't power on for new firmware with the current firmware on it.

Asking for help, any advice?
Re: RepG firmware and 5D
May 29, 2010 11:03PM
One of 2 things may be at fault, the power from the power supply to the unit has to be on and you need to reset the motherboard just before you upload the firmware using a ttl-usb cable. Or, there is a jumper next to the ICSP header on the firmware that auto-resets for the programming. In both cases you have to have power to the motherboard.

If you have the firmware you are currently using, could you send me a copy, since I have not gotten the stepper extruder portion of the firmware to work.
Re: RepG firmware and 5D
May 30, 2010 12:29PM
GKaindl supplied us with this addendum to the Machines.xml file in RepG and that at least helped me get the extruder spinning for tests;

RepRap Mendel
<!-- Z uses the same pulley, but is geared down pretty hard -->

<!-- optional, defaults to first serial port found. COM1 -->
<!-- required: we need 8 bit and 38400 baud. -->
<!-- optional, defaults to 1. 1 -->
<!-- optional, defaults to N. N -->
(Turn off steppers after a build.)

Naldarn thanks for getting back to me. I kept the motherboard powered and held down the reset button until I saw white text in the bottom of the monitor, as suggested in the firmware installation folder.

I am unsure where the firmware available on RepG and the 5D firmware took a fork in the road, I am using v1.6 firmware for the motherboard, and v1.8 for the extruder, later versions of firmware on RepG didn't see the new additions for stepper driven extruders.

It seems that my earlier decision to switch might not be the fix I'm looking for, as neither firmware turns the extruder during a print, and I'm currently scouring the internet and forum landscape for missing data I need to plug in.

Lines of MCode? additions to configuration.h?
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