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what value is the ADC output from m105

Posted by friarfish 
what value is the ADC output from m105
October 19, 2015 09:50AM
Hi folks,
Looking at the output from M105 and pronterface the ADC output
appears as last characters on the line as?

B 20->yyy T0 140->xxx

If that is the adc output, what value is it? amps or ohms or just a numerical value?

It appears my thermistor table could be out of whack a bit. The displayed value
for the hotend is 240c whilst the thermocouple, stuck in the heat block, from
the multimeter is measuring 285c. Even allowing for a decent error something
is wrong. I think that could be a problem and I need to build a new thermotable.
Hence wondering if I can the ADC output to assist it building a new table.

Many thanks,
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