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Need Some Help Getting Machine Moving

Posted by dragonman57 
Need Some Help Getting Machine Moving
November 16, 2015 06:24PM

So I have been trying to get my 3 axis set up and I have wired everything up and all my motors move according to a arduino sketch I found on instructables. I am using an Arduino Mega2560 and 3 easy drivers. My problem arises when I try to upload files to enable the arduino to read gcode. It just simply does not work, I have tried numerous tutorials and after hours of trouble shooting I have had no luck. Is there a tutorial out there that could help me with this process? So far everything has just led to me uploading grbl libraries onto the arduino and then when I try to use universal g code controller nothing happens. Also if this is the wrong place to ask this please let me know. Also I can upload any pictures of my current set up if needed.

Thank you
Re: Need Some Help Getting Machine Moving
November 17, 2015 05:03AM
So you are using arduino2560 with 3 easydrivers.
Do you use a Ramps board or anything?

Do you have endstops installed and working? This is a critical point to "home" your printer. The print doesn't start before your printer is homed. ( Or whatever device you have built )

The easydrivers are quite outdated and I'm not familiar with these. Do they accept the same dir/step/enable signal levels than modern A4988 drivers?
(eg: enable is low active )

There is a "Ramps-test" program, which does what it says, but it would also be helpful to see if your setup is Ramps-compatible.
This is a start to get .grbl-firmware written for Mega/Ramps work.
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