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Simple testing Marlin firmware?

Posted by Grigo92 
Simple testing Marlin firmware?
December 07, 2015 02:56PM

I've been working on a firmware that had been modified probably a dozen times and I'm unable to make my delta cooperate.
I need a simple Marlin config to just test the motors and homing. I don't have any extruders, beds, etc. at this point.
I tried editing some configs but they all come with thermal settings and simply commenting them out creates errors.
Could someone provide me with a basic Marlin config where I don't need to use all these 'advanced' settings? Just configure my delta and use end stops for proper homing.
I'm using RAMPS 1.4 and Arduino Mega 2560.

Thank you in advance,
Re: Simple testing Marlin firmware?
December 08, 2015 04:23AM
I went through this when I tested some modified 28BYJ steppers.
At least one thermistor has to be plugged in to make Marlin work. I have some spare thermistors, so it was no biggy.
If you don't have a thermistor, just wire some random resistor ( lower than 100kOhm ) to the thermistor header.

You can ignore all the PID and thermal runaway stuff.

Just make sure, you have set all the endstop and stepper settings same for all three axis'.
Don't try to cheat like:"reversing stepper-direction & reversing homing == carrier running in the right direction".
Turn around stepper-connector, if one stepper runs the wrong way, but keep the firmware settings equal.

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