Babystepping Axis Issue
May 06, 2016 01:12AM
Hello all, novice here, I'd appreciate your help in resolving an issue.

I've set up Marlin Babystepping for my 3d printer and have hooked up a dedicated lcd to it. Currently, when I start the print and move the dial, the extruder only steps up (not down), and only does so when the printer is printing in the negative y direction.

I have played around with making the multiplicator a negative value, but it didn't seem to help. Regardless of whether I turn the dial left or right (i.e. positive or negative), it makes no difference. The extruder only steps up (i.e. moves in +z). Never down (i.e. -z, which is what I primarily want it to do). And, like I said before, it only does this when the printer is moving in the -y direction. +y, +x, and -x do not register/process any input from the dial.

I'm using a modified version of Marlin_RAMPS-Epcos_i38 with Arduino 1.6.7.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Re: Babystepping Axis Issue
May 17, 2016 04:18PM
Hello there.
Babystepping is a function that works so it should work also with you.
Worse case scenario, you load a firmware where it's working then you "steal" it and inject it in your firmware.

preliminary questions:

Q1: what's your printer? Cartesian? Delta? Other?

Q2: have you tried another encoder/ lcd board with encoder? In any case, it makes sense to have some spare parts, atlest for testing.

Q3: have you tested babystepping while printer is stopped? I mean, during hotend/ bed warmup when the printer is still. No xy moves. Try then to babystep

In any case, given the fact that your babystepping does not work at all when you move +y, +x and -x and on -y it only can move up Z (not down as you need it), I have only conclusion: your firmware is broken in the babystepping part.

The way I see it:
Option1: use another firmware. It'll take some time to re-configure the "configuration.h" files and the rest but atleast it should work

Option2: if you use a modified version, report this bug to the originator and wait for a update.

Option3: drink a black coffee and start debugging the code.

good luck
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