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Azteeg X3 Pro + Repetier - Problems with third extruder

Posted by ElColor 
Azteeg X3 Pro + Repetier - Problems with third extruder
May 17, 2016 11:40AM
Hey there!

I am using the Azteeg X3 Pro running with Repetier 0.92.

So far I was using it with two extruders and everything worked fine. Now I would like to use a third (..forth, fifth..) extruder. Therefore I used the configuration tool to create a new configuration.h file defining 3 (..4,5...) Extruders (EXT0, EXT1, EXT2). Same settings for the 3 extruder motors.

With manual control I can still move EXT0 and EXT1 without problems. But When I try to move EXT2, it only works in one direction. Or more precise:

Moving EXT2 "up" -> motor is turning to the right.
Moving EXT2 "down" -> motor starts turning to the left and immediately switches direction (turning to the right as well).

Extruder 4 & 5 (EXT3, EXT4) do not move at all (completely quiet).

What I tried so far:
- download new firmware
- changing stepper drivers
- changing motor + wiring
- redefining pins in pins.h:
pins of EXT0 -> EXT2
pins of EXT2 -> EXT0
-> same problem as before but on the motor connected to the physical extruder 0 port. Motor connected to physical extruder 2 port now works fine. So the Problem needs to be connected to the firmware.

Anybody experiecing the same problems? Any ideas what could be wrong?

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