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Backlash Hysteris (M99 code - Marlin,Teacup) ??

Posted by caslor 
Backlash Hysteris (M99 code - Marlin,Teacup) ??
May 20, 2017 02:35AM
as i am having some backlash in my stepper motors that i am using for a project i making i want to know if there is any solution about it in firmware..

i show that one solution is to add M99 code in Gcoded sliced object with the hysteriss for each axle
ex : M99 X0 Y0.2 Z0 E0

but as i am experimenting on Teacup firmware for the moment i show that this is not possible.. gives me E: BAD M-CODE 99

i checked and see that in the marlin firmware is not supported yet this M code ( find some posts that installed different version of Marlin that could have this option)

so is any solution to solve backlash from software - firmware ?

thanks in advance
Re: Backlash Hysteris (M99 code - Marlin,Teacup) ??
May 21, 2017 04:44AM
Compensating backslash by software is not possible. Trying to do so can only be a kludge. That's why Teacup doesn't even try.

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