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Homing only nudges

Posted by Samat 
Homing only nudges
April 01, 2018 10:43AM
I currently am converting my fabricator mini to ramps 1.4 with marlin.
I had to swap the z motor out and had everything up and running until i finished. Now the z axis works great but the x axis has trouble homing.
Upon pressing "home X" the bed nudges in the right direction for about a centimeter and then stops. When i press it again, the same thing happens: the bed nudges and stops promptly.
I can do this until it rammes into the endstop, whitch triggers, but doesn't stop anything.
It's not the motor, I tripple checked that and it does move in both directions. It also responds to an software change in directions.
Now I'm particuately stumped, because it worked perfectly before and I haven't touched the axis anyhow.

I'm a total pleb, when it comes to software.
Can someone please help me?
Re: Homing only nudges
April 01, 2018 10:49AM
Here is my configuration.h
open | download - Configuration.h (64.8 KB)
Re: Homing only nudges
April 01, 2018 07:31PM
Your printer already thinks its endstop is triggered.

Homeing involves:
1) moving axis towards endstop
2) backup axis up a bit
3) moving axis towards endstop slower to get a better result.

you printer is just doing step 2 as it thinks the endstop is already activated.

Also if it is moving towards the endstop when it is meant to be backing up, something is backwards.

Send the printer a M119 command when no endstops should be triggered and see what it says.

Without a description of where your endstops are located on each axis, your configuration.h is meaningless.
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