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Z axis being stupid...

Posted by headsmess 
Z axis being stupid...
July 01, 2018 11:10PM
mks base v1.4 (as supplied on tevo tarantula)
marlin firmware.

ok. i had this printer working fine a few months ago.

then i added a laser head. finally got that working. saved a new version of marlin separately, so one config is laser, one config for printing.

today i go to print, so reflash firmware from original printing configuration.

Z isnt working. not even enabling, ie, i can spin it freely by hand.

deleted that marlin. unzipped the main file, start again, set everything to correct config.

still no Z.

it simply wont enable. endstop works, this configuration was working. (so i see no point in including the config.h)

swap Z to Y and the stepper works.

about to go and try repetier firmware and see what that does, but yeah...this is annoying.

possible ive burnt out the Z even though i havent used it in three months?
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