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Klipper Bed leveling tilt vs mesh?

Posted by claustro 
Klipper Bed leveling tilt vs mesh?
April 15, 2019 11:11AM
Maybe I am missing something big.
I really can't understand the differences between tilt and mesh compensation.
Both compensate raising Z in accordance o the probed Z height.
If I understand correctly tilt can only account on a continuous deviation along all the bed , mesh take in account local differences generating a map of "hills "and "valleys" along the bed , so the Z correction isn't constant.
If it is right , why someone should go for tilt compensation?

Thank you and excuse me for the dumb question.

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Re: Klipper Bed leveling tilt vs mesh?
April 23, 2019 11:04AM

As you may have noticed, Klipper has been relatively ignored on this forum as Marlin and RepRapFirmware are the most popular firmwares in this community.

Try klipper3d.org or klipper.info for information.

Additionally, there is a klipper discord group where you can chat with other users of the firmware more directly. [discord.gg]
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