MKS Base need Help with firmware
October 06, 2019 04:25PM
I’m Andy and I have a biig problem with my MKS Base boards….
I have 4 MKS Base boards with the tft32 from MKS which I bought to build pointer for our association and I thought that I could build some not expensive printers with them. But the whole thing is driving me completely crazy, seen that in my firmware configuration seems something missing or wrong. So I don’t know how many hours I did spend to solve it, but no chance…
After flashing, there is nothing that moves o my Printer and so I hope to find some help here around, what would give me not a good, but a great feeling.

The printer is a C-Bot CK 1 and seen the mainboard has become broken I ordered more than one replacement for the reason mentioned above. The board versions are 1.5 and 1.6, the display versions the 3.3 and the 4 and I flash with the Aruino IDE.
So I would ask if somebody could provide me a working preconfigured Marlin for this combination of board and Display, which would solve all my troubles concerning this board. And if there would be a stepper direction to invert, such I could do then by myself, but I’m (yet)not enough deep into the subject to solve the problem by myself, so please help me if you can.
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