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Atmega 1284P Speaker Output Tone (Frequency) Wrong

Posted by xyz_90000 
Atmega 1284P Speaker Output Tone (Frequency) Wrong
February 14, 2021 04:16PM
Hi All:

My course work gives the following code to program ATmeag 1284P chip for sound output via a speaker. But for some reason the output tone (tune?) or frequency is incorrect -- way off. I tried several speakers, the same wrong tune. Can anyone please help? The code itself works but jut the output after calling the, for example, set_PWM(500) function (500 Hz), i hear something much lower in frequency tune.

void set_PWM(double frequency) {
	// Keeps track of the currently set frequency
	// Will only update the registers when the frequency
	// changes, plays music uninterrupted.
	static double current_frequency;
	if (frequency != current_frequency) {

		if (!frequency) TCCR3B &= 0x08; //stops timer/counter
		else TCCR3B |= 0x03; // resumes/continues timer/counter
		// prevents OCR3A from overflowing, using prescaler 64
		// 0.954 is smallest frequency that will not result in overflow
		if (frequency < 0.954) OCR3A = 0xFFFF;
		// prevents OCR3A from underflowing, using prescaler 64					// 31250 is largest frequency that will not result in underflow
		else if (frequency > 31250) OCR3A = 0x0000;
		// set OCR3A based on desired frequency
		else OCR3A = (short)(8000000 / (128 * frequency)) - 1;

		TCNT3 = 0; // resets counter
		current_frequency = frequency;

void PWM_on() {
	TCCR3A = (1 << COM3A0);
	// COM3A0: Toggle PB6 on compare match between counter and OCR3A
	TCCR3B = (1 << WGM32) | (1 << CS31) | (1 << CS30);
	// WGM32: When counter (TCNT3) matches OCR3A, reset counter
	// CS31 & CS30: Set a prescaler of 64

void PWM_off() {
	TCCR3A = 0x00;
	TCCR3B = 0x00;
Re: Atmega 1284P Speaker Output Tone (Frequency) Wrong
February 14, 2021 07:30PM
Code needs to written for the Oscillator your using

1284p Oscillator is most often 16mhz, but can be up to 20mhz, or anything up to 20...

it could also be using the internal RC Oscillator.It runs at ABOUT 8 MHz. It isn't very accurate.
Re: Atmega 1284P Speaker Output Tone (Frequency) Wrong
February 14, 2021 07:56PM
Thank you Dust. Sounds like you refer to external oscillator, but i'm relaying on the internal oscillator (that's the 8000000 number referenced to in the code). Yeah it's not accurate but it should not make my output way off the tune. Any further suggestions are highly appreciated.
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