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UART mod tronxy x5sa pro (chituv 6) tmc2225

Posted by korrado 
UART mod tronxy x5sa pro (chituv 6) tmc2225
May 02, 2021 09:25AM
i am trying to activate the UART on the tronxy drivers
I connected the DM uart on some free pads which would have been needed for an optional E1 driver
from other info I have seen that this mod works on Klipper, so I take for granted the presence of a resistance between tx and rx ... I have not checked.

activated tmc_debug, and changed the description of the drivers from TMC2208_ STANDALONE to TMC2208,
now M122 works, but I am error TESTING CONNECTION ... ERROR: ALL LOW, sometimes on one driver, other times on all.

do you have any ideas or proofs to suggest? other marlin settings to try ....
open | download - foto cavi connessioni uart X Y E0.jpg (768.5 KB)
open | download - tronxy uart mod.bmp (860.9 KB)
Re: UART mod tronxy x5sa pro (chituv 6) tmc2225
May 19, 2022 06:37AM
I know this is very old, but since I was probably not the only one to stumble over this, here's how it seems to work fine for me in Marlin.
You basically just need to add a 20k resistor between each pin and GND (I didn't have a 20k on hand, so I used 22k, but even 10k is likely fine).
open | download - tronxy uart mod.png (253.8 KB)
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