How can I force an out of range move in klipper?
August 03, 2023 11:14AM
I am not sure where this query fits in the RepRap forum, but perhaps here works. I have tried on the Klipper forum but with no luck so I am trying anywhere else that I may find Klipper-knowledgeable people.

Does anybody have any idea how to get the effector on a Delta printer to move to an area outside the printing volume? Specifically, the printing volume is a cylinder of 110mm radius by 280mm tall. I wish to be able to move the effector to X=100mm, Y=100mm, and Z about 230mm. This position seems to be achievable without overextending the delta arms but I have not found any way to do it in Klipper although I remember doing it in Repetier.

The reason I need to do this is to fit a dockable probe and have the parking dock for the sled out of the way of the printing and the delta mechanism.

Suggestions I have had, such as FORCE_MOVE only work with Cartesian printers.

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