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Teacup Firmware Dual Extruder Setup

Posted by 7robots 
Teacup Firmware Dual Extruder Setup
January 01, 2014 04:36PM

I want to create a config.h file for an all-in-one electronic board.
The machine is a dual extruder and I could not find where to setup the stepper pins (step, dir, enable) for the second extruder?


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Re: Teacup Firmware Dual Extruder Setup
January 02, 2014 07:44AM
There are two branches in Teacup which attempt to support two extruders, multi-extruder and lumentino. Neither of both is mature enough for inclusion onto the experimental branch. multi-extruder supports Gen3-style external extruder boards only, lumentino is fixed to dual extruders (should support an arbitrary number of them).

You can use them as-is, code contributions for maturing them are always welcome, of course.

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