The problem with marlin
May 16, 2014 11:02AM
gathered sla printer firmware sprinter
works perfectly but with ps
 decided to install marlin, hooked RepRapDiscount Smart Controller
and run the code from the card
MARLIN buggy threw
test cube 10x10x10
runs away on X and Y , in Y about 3mm x 1mm to 10mm in height
the speed and acceleration are the same as in sprinter
returned firmware SPRINTER. checked that no problem , everything is perfect
returned MARLIN there are problems
motors not, to say losing a step
board is fully separated from the printer optocouplers . Only minus total
all signal cables are shielded , the inputs ferrites
I think not in the iron problem ,, MARLIN buggy, except of steps still what that throws garbage
here is a video

which will offer
What's the problem?


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Re: The problem with marlin
May 16, 2014 01:26PM
Most likely the optocouplers are too slow for the pulse width used by Marlin.

Re: The problem with marlin
May 16, 2014 04:39PM
Thank you for wanting to help

I know about it I changed places
I had such a problem when I was doing cnc milling on TB6560 ,there were PC 817,,they are slow (but also depends on the manufacturer)
but there hairpin step of 1.5 mm and 1/8 mikrostep and 1066.666 step mm,,,know step and half-step missing
The printer used 12 bit DAC for desktop 50x 50mm steps_per_unit only 81.92
in sprinter have
but in marlin I have not found

I still have the same second printer, there all directly without optocouplers, check on it tomorrow but I do not think that is the problem of optocouplers
sprinter works very well
me without a difference what program, only to insert and run from sd card
may be another will advise to
Re: The problem with marlin
May 16, 2014 06:45PM
changed direction Y and everything fell into place
nor that nowhere run away,,,at the end gcode X0 Y0,,comes exactly 0
very interesting why it affects the direction of on step ?
now need to be put after the optocoupler inverter so that manually work correctly

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