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Head Dragging Sorta Of...

Posted by Eddiie 
Head Dragging Sorta Of...
September 11, 2016 08:24PM
Hi All,

I've been using my Prusa I3 RAMPS 1.4 with Marlin RC6 for awhile now and love it. There is one problem that gets me though and am wondering if you guys can help or if this is a common issue.

When printing, sometimes, certain objects, and it does not matter which slicer is used, but when then head moves across the printed material it makes a dragging noise, like it is too heavy, or has not moved up enough.
The taller the print goes, it seems the worse it gets. This affects the quality of prints as it creates warts (for lack of a better term) on my prints or can even knock the object over and screw up the whole job sometimes, or it jams the X drive a couple steps shifting the whole thing. Grrrr.
Other times, other objects this does not happen.

The Z motors have the 8mm rods as part of the motor, there is no coupling. Still, the thread pitch would be the same as if it were. I've played with the Z settings from the menu, it seems to help but my prints turn out to be WAY too tall.
I also don't think it is drag or resistance on the Z motors as it moves up. I can send move commands up and down all day and it appears to work just fine. I've increased the output of the stepper drivers.

Has anyone seen this? What is the fix?

Oh one other problem, if I abort a print job, the clock/counter/timer thing does not reset. sad smiley


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Re: Head Dragging Sorta Of...
October 06, 2016 12:40AM
It may be the filament tending to wish to adhere to its' sticky self? maybe, try the same print with a different material.

Or, perhaps, your Configuration.h, DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT, 4th of the quad, value for extruder - is incorrect, extruder is overzealous? You can tweak that value in marlin's Control -> Motion -> Esteps/mm (@ the bottom)
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