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Polar Firmware

Posted by Mr.Flipper 
Polar Firmware
November 08, 2016 10:33AM
Hey guys!
I just saw this awesome looking Polar 3D printer and I thought it would be a nice university project. I was wondering if there is any open source polar firmware available?
Also, if I want to modify the Marlin firmware code to add new formulas for polar trajectories, where should I start? I know there 10000+ lines of code and I'm not sure where to start.
Thanks for the help! smiling smiley

Re: Polar Firmware
November 11, 2016 12:42PM
Check out
Concept Forge


Many printers there use polar?

There is a forum here

Polar Machines, SCARA, Robot Arms


confused smiley
Re: Polar Firmware
November 11, 2016 08:23PM
Thx cozmicray!
I found the R-360 firmware on github! winking smiley
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