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homing at the axis center (with conditional sensor reading?)

Posted by secondsky 
homing at the axis center (with conditional sensor reading?)
May 26, 2017 05:26AM
Hi all, i'm designing a drawing machine, and since i'm planning to use marlin to drive it. It is not the first time i do that, but i have a special need.
I have 2 axis, but is kind of a polar machine, so they have to work together to get a certain position on the toolhead. Anyway, being the 2 axis connected they can't really reach any pair of individual position without some risk, they have to stay in a certain range.

So, what i need is to having the homing procedure in which each of the two axis goes to his center, knowing already in what direction that is, and then searching for the endstop.
It is possible, in marlin, using a second sensor that somehow i can make capable to tell the machin which half of the axis field it is?
Like a conditional gcode command that read a pin, and then the companion computer ask for an homing at the begin or the end of the axis?

Thank you
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