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RepRapFirmware 3.0 port for LPC1768/9 based boards

Posted by sdavi 
Re: RepRapFirmware 3.0 port for LPC1768/9 based boards
January 27, 2021 03:08AM
Ah, the link to the configurator in the opening post pointed to a 404 error page. Thanks for sharing! smiling smiley

ps I'm using [teamgloomy.github.io] as a 'guide' on how to install things and couldn't find a link to the configurator there.

Okay, so the configurator works quite nicely, thanks for that. I'm currently working on a DIY pen plotter (second version) and want to give RRF a try. Does anyone know of some useful resources I can use concerning RRF 3 and a pen plotter? I don't need to use thermistors for example, so the whole heating system can be omitted. Also, I only need a fan to cool the electronics/stepper drivers and probably will configure it to be quite custom.

My previous plotter runs on Marlin with an LCD and SD card, but this new plotter will use a Raspberry Pi 3B as a SBC to run the plotter over wifi without a screen. The Pi part is mostly ready, and I've already fixed everything I need firmware-wise. So it's now mostly down to configuration and getting the firmware to compile. I'm getting an error, maybe someone knows what it's about too?

I decided to go for a pre-compiled binary. Somehow I didn't see these on the Teamgloomy website. Also didn't realize I'm replying in the 3.0 port instead of the 3.2 I'm sorry for that. Thanks for your work on the RRF3 port. I can't wait to get this running. My machine is going to make waves in the community!

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