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filament retraction with reprap firmware

Posted by catmandu 
filament retraction with reprap firmware
June 28, 2021 07:47AM
Hello, I've built another delta printer and decided to try RepRap firmware to run it, all went well and straight forward until I finished a print, at which point the filament retracted-but retracted all of the filament out of the bowden tube!!
The setup is RepRap V 3.2.2 running on a SKR V1.4 turbo board with TMC2208 drivers, the firmware is the wifi version although that is not connected yet (still waiting for the wifi module) . The firmware was compiled using the RepRap config tool
and the only "unusual" part of the machine is the heated bed is 115V running through a relay. I am very pleased with the firmware and setup apart from this one" problem" . The slicer I use is Cura and the problem is not present with Marlin or Smoothie.
Re: filament retraction with reprap firmware
June 29, 2021 01:43AM
Unfortunately Cura sends M82 to put the extruder in absolute mode before it runs your slicer end script. This causes a simple filament retraction command such as G1 E-5 in that script to behave as you observed. So start your slicer end script with either M83 to reinstate relative mode, or with G92 E0.

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