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Teacup Endstop Code

Posted by Andrew Diehl 
Teacup Endstop Code
August 26, 2011 10:08PM
I've been playing with this for hours, but I'm at a loss.

I want to prevent sending the carriage back to 0 once I've triggered the Z end-stop, after a z home max command.

in home.c, under: void home_z_positive()

I've tried leaving everything after the end stop is backed off commented out, except:

startpoint.Z = current_position.Z = (int32_t) (Z_MAX * STEPS_PER_MM_Z);

Doing this almost works, but as soon as I send any G1 Fxxx command the carriage returns to Z=0.

Could someone please explain why this doesn't work as I expect?

Re: Teacup Endstop Code
August 27, 2011 08:27AM
With current Master, there isn't anything to comment out after the mentioned line of code. Do you have current sources?

If yes, there's
// if we didn't see an axis word, set it to startpoint. this fixes incorrect moves after homing
in gcode_process.c. You may want to throw a couple of serwrite_...() in to find out what's misbehaving there. For debug output samples, see gcode_parse.c or dda.c.

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