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Mold Release

Posted by NewestEraWorks 
Mold Release
February 04, 2013 08:08PM
Hi all,

New here to this board, it seems great, I look forward to reading up on the topics and discussions. The question I have is for release of material from mold. I understand and somewhat was succesful is releasing one of my early objects from the rubber mold, but I am wondering if there is some type of substance I can put into the rubber mold before I pour the resin into it...??? The release agent is pretty good but for small nooks and crannies, and to not puncture the original rubber mold like I unfortunately did, I am wondering if anyone knows about any pre-release agent?

Thank You!!!!

Re: Mold Release
February 05, 2013 01:56AM
... I've used vaseline, others use silicone spray - most comercial mould releasing agents are toxic or highly problematic for their hormone-like structure ...

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Re: Mold Release
February 05, 2013 08:07AM

Thank you! I will try using vaseline next time.

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