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Castable resin test prints

Posted by astapov 
Castable resin test prints
January 23, 2015 05:56AM
Hello guys,

I want to get a 3d printer to be able to print jewelry models that i can direct cast.
I have been researching for the past 2 weeks and I can't get any test prints from any of the companies that i have contacted.

So far i have VenusCreator Castable Resin, Made Solid Firecast, 3d materials 3dm cast resin.

I don't understand, do they not want my money or are their products just that bad?

Does anyone have experience with these resins on a dlp printer like the b9 or miicraft or similar? I am looking for a wax equivalent or something similar to the shapeways resin.


Re: Castable resin test prints
January 23, 2015 09:06AM
... ask here for Spot-IC - [spotamaterials.com]

Re: Castable resin test prints
January 23, 2015 09:20AM
Hi Victor,

Have you had good experience with it?

I think i already left them an email. But their casting material is still under development and has been for a verry long time.
Re: Castable resin test prints
January 23, 2015 10:38AM
... my experience with spota and his materials is maybe 3 to 4 years old, so not with the actual mixtures.

But I've done lost cast moulding with standard resins too -- here the parts were printed not solid, but with up to 80% mass-/volume-reduction by hollow 3D-rasters inside, with only a solid shell for stability ...

Re: Castable resin test prints
February 27, 2015 05:26AM

I am currently doing TGA on madesolid firecast and form1 castable resin... and it seems that they are not really different than the standard resin !

I will give the results there after accomplishment.
Re: Castable resin test prints
May 25, 2016 03:40AM

I need help in to castable resin. I have been used some stander company resins but I had not get 100% result, so please prefer me some stander castable resin for DLP (LED) 3D PRINTER.
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