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Building CNC machines from Epoxy+Granite

Posted by SebastienBailard 
Re: Building CNC machines from Epoxy+Granite
March 04, 2008 08:38AM
Hi Andy,

fabbing any size should be done by assembling small printable parts, fitting together to form the next bigger hierarchy.

Imagine ropes of some kilometer length, 'assembled' of short strings of some centimeters ...

So why not going the 'lego'-way?

I'll print small elements with fitting-details, which easily can be 'clicked' together.

In particular the extruder does the same by adding droplets and short trays of liquid plastic to form an object much bigger then the diameter of the extruder-hole winking smiley

Re: Building CNC machines from Epoxy+Granite
March 04, 2008 09:49AM
I think Sean means using the diagonal of the cube which is root 3 i.e. 1.73 which should theoretically be long enough for the root 2 face diagonals but would obviously need support material.


Re: Building CNC machines from Epoxy+Granite
March 04, 2008 10:38AM
Ahhh soooo

Yes you probably could get away with this. Rather expensive in support material though as you point out.

The alternative is an angled bed/plate to lay the part down on but this would foul the print head.

It would work though in a resin bath with laser curing but then you would have to actualy be building a tank rather than a frame to rep rap.

This though is doable I have seen some interesting tanks made up from cast sections that bolt together maybe 1M by 1M with bolt flanges. We could do it as say 20cm x 20cm and make a tank with a cubic capacity of what we fancy.

Hardly FDM though....

Although you could use the same technique to make a frame from 20cm x 20cm sections with cutouts to keep the material quantity's down. Designed to include bolt flanges on four sides and a cross pattern of diagonal support ribs. This should be doable on Darwin and do away with the need for as much bar work......

See these links for the ideas :-



What you are looking for is sectional tanks and storage tanks.

How's that for lateral thinking, thanks sean.


Necessity hopefully becomes the absentee parent of successfully invented children.
Re: Building CNC machines from Epoxy+Granite
January 12, 2010 12:38AM
I'm restarting the thread. Notes, research and documentation should go here:
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