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Old code compilation

Posted by Laxi 
Old code compilation
April 09, 2013 04:06AM
Has anybody compiled hex single board RepRap controller with extruder? (generation 2 electronics, with single Arduino Duemilanove - ATmega168 16MHz)

Short story:
I bought everything about four years ago but I had no time in those times. I started to complete my RepRap (Darwin) about 3 weeks ago.
Everything is ready for use but I can't compile or I'm a muff and I can't find the right way. So can anybody help me?

I downloaded and tried:
- reprap-arduino-firmware-1.3
- arduino-1.0.4-windows
- eclipse with AVR and Arduino plugin

any help would be appreciated

Re: Old code compilation
April 09, 2013 04:36AM
You might try an earlier version of the arduino IDE such as "Arduino 0018".

But what error messages do you get and exactly what source code are you trying to compile (URL please).

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Re: Old code compilation
April 10, 2013 11:12AM
Nice! Had such a setup running for almost 2 years, too.

I guess, instead of trying with ancient firmware, giving Teacup Firmware a try would be a better choice. Teacup definitely worked on a Duemilanove a year ago, these days it likely requires some slim down, like commenting out EECONFIG and similar stuff in config.h. Let me know how it goes, I'll happily help.

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Re: Old code compilation
April 11, 2013 02:25PM
First of all I want to say big thanks for you for your answers.

I tried Arduino 0018, Arduino 0023 and arduino-1.0.4-windows, no luck.
Unfortunatelly I can't remember all of errors exactly, so I have to start the project from the beginnig.
Each step will be documented correctly, and I'll be back smiling smiley)
As the Monty Python says it: "Start again."

Re: Old code compilation
July 24, 2013 11:37PM
is this out of date??
Re: Old code compilation
July 24, 2013 11:40PM
is topic out of date??
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