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Stepper motor specs

Posted by rcs 
Stepper motor specs
February 22, 2012 06:30PM
Would these stepper specs be OK for a prusa mendel. or would they not have enough torque as I think the V is a little high.

Step angle 1.8, Rate Volts 3.4V, Rate current 1.7A, Phase R 2R, Phase inductance 3mH, Holding torque 48oz/in, Rotor inertia 54 g/cm sq

Torque .22 kg/cm, motor weight 240g, 4 cables.

As here [www.ebay.co.uk]


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Re: Stepper motor specs
February 23, 2012 11:52AM
Those specs look pretty similar to these, which is the motor I use: [www.zappautomation.co.uk]
I think voltage isn't too important, the stepper driver sorts it out. Amps are more important, and your motor looks to be in the right range.
Re: Stepper motor specs
February 24, 2012 06:46AM
Thanks for the info, that is where I have bought them from before but it would be nice to have another opinion regarding the torque as I will putting these into a Mendel 90 ( Nophead grand design) I have followed his blog for that last 2 years.

I have built all the MDF parts and designed all the ABS parts with a 70mm spacing for the X and 30mm for the Z. all with 10mm bearings everything is printed and I am looking forward to see it running.

I have decided to go for Zapp auto motors as I am thinking that the torque is aabout 20% higher. The Mendel 90 is now just waiting for them to arrive.

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