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Prusa 2 - threaded rod and bar lengths?!

Posted by craynerd 
Prusa 2 - threaded rod and bar lengths?!
April 30, 2012 07:44AM
Hello, I`m really sorry for this as my first post but I`m picking up most of my fixings this evening and I would quite like to collect my silver steel rod and bar from the same supplier. I`m a little confused about the lengths I need as I`ve seen that some of the old quoted sizes on the wiki are bigger than needed for the new Prusa2 design?

Does anyone have a definitive list of lengths for both threaded rod and silver steel bar or can point me to a list?

I just constructed a Prusa Iteration 2 using an original Prusa threaded bar/rod kit. The only difference I noted was in the X-Carriage smooth rods. Instead of the 420mm rods used by the original, Iteration 2 required 400mm (.5" shorter). This is because the X End Idler and X End Motor are now push to fit instead of set screw adjusted.

The rods were easy enough to trim with a cut off wheel and smooth with a grinding wheel.

In summation: Replace 2 each 420mm smooth rods with 2 each 400mm smooth rods. Otherwise, use the original BOM.
Re: Prusa 2 - threaded rod and bar lengths?!
May 01, 2012 03:53PM
I used the directions from here If you look on the first page of directions it tells you the lengths. They worked great for me

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