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Prusa mendel v2 build help!

Posted by adamlister 
Prusa mendel v2 build help!
February 20, 2013 05:36PM

I started my Prusa mendel v2 build tonight, I've have a question regarding the front / rear threaded rods which I have cut at 294mm. I got this measurement from a site which are selling a complete kit, but the YouTube videos I have been following show the rods longer. Have I got the wrong lengths or are these correct and if they are correct will my reprap be able to print the same size models as the ones built with longer rods??

Thanks in advance!

Re: Prusa mendel v2 build help!
March 05, 2013 08:01AM
I've completed my build all is fine, my front rods are 294mm so if that's wrong we in the same camp!!. some frame are larger don't worry about I followed this guide http://garyhodgson.com/reprap/prusa-mendel-visual-instructions/ you may have slightly different parts but on the whole its a good guide.

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