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i2 Print Plate

Posted by GoingForGold 
i2 Print Plate
April 05, 2013 03:47AM

For this topic are so much informations out there, it is really a mess and I need your help.

I planned on just use one print plate out of plywood (as it says on the i2 wiki page), then the heated bed and then a glass sheet with kapton tape.

1. Do I need something between the plywood and the pcb? aluminium? air?

2. Is it enough to just tape the thermistor with kapton to the pcb somewhere near the middle?

3. is it correct to have the bottom side of the pcb (with the traces) facing up if using a glass sheet?


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Re: i2 Print Plate
April 05, 2013 06:58AM
Your plan should work fine. You dont need anything between them, air is a very good insulator. I do more or less the same thing. Only difference is I use a 3mm aluminium plate instead of ply wood (its lighter) and i think it looks nicer.
Re: i2 Print Plate
April 05, 2013 07:22AM

How much air/distance should be between the wood and the PCB?
Re: i2 Print Plate
April 05, 2013 06:04PM
my gap is about 12mm.
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